"Secrets of Nexisus"


Contact "mitokens" is usually on AIM with an accurate status.
Times TBD System Risus + Extra Advanced Options
Locale Burton-1 or Wilder-9 Players 3-5 (Freshmen & Newbies Preferred)


  • Risus: The Core Rules
  • Character points should total 60~100 or so.
    • Hooks & Tales are important sources of points
  • Appropriate themes include:
    • STR: muscle based cliches
    • SKL: coordination based cliches
    • SEN: intellectual based cliches
    • SPR: social based cliches
  • Appropriate cliches & shticks include:
    • DIVINITY: Advocation, Invocation, Evocation
    • ARCANUMS: Telekinesis, Telegnosis, Telempathy
    • SMITHERY: Amalgamy, Alchemy, Artistry


Minegarde Nexisus is a giant island archipelago with a very rich history. Fortunately that history means relics and treasure that you can hunt. The only thing standing in your way is your debt to the government, and a horde of power-hungry-mutant-pirates. Good luck dealing with both of these obstacles.

Your character's personality should be very important to the game. I will favor players who portray their character well. (You don't have to act in character though.) I am also looking for entertaining character ideas. The more the merrier, as you will probably go through a few character deaths by the end of the plot.

Your character's backstory and the world's rich history, as important as they are, will be given to you in person by Mitokens the Narrator. And you may want to keep certain things about your character secret to promote party paranoia. You are treasure hunting with individual agendas after all.

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